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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
National Science Foundation

NSF-NAIS Workshop - intelligent software: the interface between algorithms and machines

October 19-21, 2009, Edinburgh


This is the website for the 2009 NSF-NAIS Workshop on Intelligent Software, to be held October 19-21, 2009 at the University of Edinburgh, with funding provided by the National Science Foundation (US) and the EPSRC's Centre for Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software.


The era of many-core computing and the massive progress made over recent years in algorithmic research means that it is now possible to solve problems in computational science that were almost unimaginable a few years ago. However, this increase in complexity of both computer technology and numerical algorithms means that it is drastically more difficult for those who are concerned with the end result science to efficiently implement and deploy their calculations. This three-day workshop will lay the foundation for research and funding programmes in this crucial area. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers at the interface between computational science, applied mathematics, and computer science to discuss algorithms pervasive in the scientific applications community, and their implementation and deployment on evolving target architectures. Advances on three levels are needed:
  • numerical analysts and applications scientists should collaborate i finding natural mathematical abstractions for expressing algorithms that can be mapped onto parallel software structures
  • structures as software interfaces must be formalized in order to separate the mathematical properties that are required from the implementation details
  • improved automation of the implementation of some of these interfaces for a certain set of parameterized computer architectures

Organizing Committee

Richard Brower Boston University
Michael Clark Harvard University
Anthony Kennedy University of Edinburgh
Ben Leimkuhler University of Edinburgh
Michael O'Boyle University of Edinburgh